Alumna leads community art projects in Greece

Alumna and muralist Tyler Kay broadened her career as an artist by taking her work to another part of the world. Kay, who is currently a graduate student at UH in Arts Leadership, spent a two-part residency in Skopelos, Greece, as a part of her practicum credit for her graduate program. Kay painted a total of six murals that turned into community projects. The first part of Kay’s residency was in June, and the second part was in August. “I knew that I wanted to do some kind of community proje

Graduate student's 'ART Rebel' provokes discussion on Confederate flag, symbolism - The Cougar

The Confederate flag is a symbol of hatred and racism to many people, and to others — especially in the South — it’s regarded as a point of pride and a reminder of a time when their states rebelled against what they perceived to be an authoritarian government. One student at the University of Houston is turning the controversy of the flag into art. Second-year Master of Fine Arts candidate Alton DuLaney unveiled “ART Rebel,” a Confederate flag with the word “art” placed in the center, at the Bl

How college shapes the religious experience

There is no denying that college is a pivotal moment in almost everyone’s life. Young adults are leaving home for the first time, growing into adulthood and faced with new, everyday challenges and experiences. A part of that maturity and growth in college are students beginning to discover who they are and what they believe. For many, the university experience is the main influence of their worldview. The director of the A.D. Bruce Religion Center Bruce Twenhafel and the President of United Ca

Alley Theatre to perform at UH once again after Harvey damage

Alley Theatre to perform at UH once again after Harvey damage After the Alley Theatre’s floor level Neuhaus Theatre was submerged in floodwater during Hurricane Harvey, the theater company will temporarily relocate its performances to the University of Houston’s Quintero Theatre. Alley Managing Director Dean Gladden estimated Harvey caused about $15 million in damages, according to the New York Times. “Gladden called me the day after the flooding… he said he needed help,” said Andrew Davis, t

Optometry research finds blue light causes sleep blues

Technology is essential to student life — it is used for studying, communication, entertainment and more. Those long hours of staring at a screen, however, can lead to potential consequences. A new study by the University of Houston College of Optometry has shown that blue light emitted from technological devices is the cause of sleep deprivation in people who stare at their screens right before bed. Assistant professor Lisa Ostrin, the leader of the study, said their hypothesis was that the b

Bayou Oaks residents were allowed to return to their rooms on Monday.

Residents of Bayou Oaks began moving back into their dorms Monday, after Brays Bayou overflowed and flooded the first floor of Bayou Oaks the morning of Aug. 27, displacing all students housed there. Bayou Oaks was the only UH-owned residential building to experience flooding, according to a tweet from the University. As of Monday, there are sample air quality tests being run through UH Facilities Planning and Construction to ensure that remaining residents can return to a safe environment, sai

Bayou Oaks residents relocated after first floor flooding - The Cougar

Residents from Bayou Oaks were relocated Saturday and Sunday to Bates Hall at the Quadrangle when the first level of the apartment units were flooded. UH spokesman Mike Rosen said that Bayou Oaks offered for students to relocate on Saturday if flooding occurred. Rosen said four residents moved temporarily into the Quads, while 50 returned home. Mechanical engineering senior David Babb, who lives on first floor of Bayou Oaks, said he evacuated to the Quad on Saturday around 11 p.m. when the flo

UH Victoria students evacuated to main campus

Students from UH Victoria were evacuated from their residential halls to the Quadrangle’s Law Hall at UH on Friday morning in preparation for Hurricane Harvey. According to the UH Victoria Facebook page, about 70 students arrived to the Houston campus on buses around 11 a.m. A UH Victoria alert said the campus closed Thursday at noon, and the residential halls closed Friday at 7 a.m. UHV students who did not evacuate to Houston were encouraged to return home. “Our responsibility was to make su

Students witness passage of partial solar eclipse

The Houston area was able to witness 2.5 minutes of almost 70 percent coverage of the sun Monday as a total solar eclipse passed over the United States for the first time since 1979. The Astronomy Society at UH and the Department of Physics provided viewing spaces on campus for the UH community. Tents with telescopes, hands-on models and safety goggles were set up near the Science and Research Building 1 and by the Student Center North. “It was almost 40 years ago since something like this hap

Vision for diversity drives arts college founding dean

Founding dean brings new vision to College of the Arts For Andrew Davis, becoming a founding dean means more than just running a college — it means developing a vision to improve an institution that can benefit the students and the community. The recently established Kathrine G. McGovern College of the Arts, called COTA by many students, announced the former professor and director of the Moores School of Music as the founding dean in late March. Davis is implementing a new vision for the Colle

Homecoming events not affected by date change

When homecoming week changed dates due to the football game being rescheduled, the homecoming board had to make some last-minute updates to the locations of the week’s already-planned events, and information regarding several events has not been announced. The homecoming game against East Carolina University was originally scheduled for Oct. 28, but it had to be swapped with the Nov. 4 game against the University of South Florida due to Hurricane Irma. The change caused homecoming week to be pu

D.R.A.M. gives interactive concert as Frontier Fiesta headliner

American hip-hop artist D.R.A.M. closed Frontier Fiesta with an interactive and energetic performance Saturday night at the Bud Light Stage, even though he performed for less than an hour. D.R.A.M opened the concert by entering the stage holding up the Cougar hand sign and then performing “Get it Myself” and “Misunderstood” from his latest album, “Big Baby D.R.A.M.” “We’re so happy we brought D.R.A.M.,” said Christian Kladzyk, the student chairman of Frontier Fiesta. “He’s definitely someone w

Read-in held to celebrate African American writers - The Cougar

For 27 years, the National African American Read-In has taken place in libraries, bookstores, churches and professional organizations across the country to celebrate diversity in literature. For the second year, UH Libraries has joined in the read-in as well. The M.D. Anderson Library hosted its second annual read-in Tuesday, where students, faculty and staff read excerpts of their favorite works by African-American writers at the Elizabeth D. Rockwell Pavilion. Andrea Malone, the foreign la

Moores Opera Center to premiere The Secret Marriage - The Cougar

The opera, which centers around an Italian businessman who has set an arranged marriage between his eldest daughter and an English count, is going to take a bright, comedic approach. “We’re taking a whole sort of Alice and Wonderland meets the 18th century approach to it all,” said Buck Ross, director of the Moores Opera Center. “It’s not terribly serious; [the audience] will get an appreciation for what other kinds of repertoire are out there that they may not know already.” Graduate voice pe

The Inspector comes to the Moores Opera House

‘The Inspector’ comes to the Moores Opera House The students from the Moores School of Music are performing for the first time the American composer John Musto’s opera The Inspector, which opens at the Moores Opera House on Thursday. First premiered worldwide at Wolf Trap Opera in 2011, The Inspector is a comedic take on Nikolai Gogol’s Russian play The Government Inspector. The Inspector is set in a 1930s Sicilian town, whose corrupt government receives a visit from the titular inspector tra

UH alum appointed at Texas Secretary of State

Early last month, a University of Houston alum was appointed the Texas secretary of state. Rolando Pablos is not only a fellow University of Houston Cougar, but also plays a significant role in the Conrad N. Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management. According to the Houston Chronicle, he was appointed by Gov. Greg Abbott as the 111th Texas secretary of state in early January. “My time at the University of Houston’s Conrad N. Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management was one of

Famous pianists to perform, teach at International Piano Festival

Beginning this Thursday, the Moores School of Music will hold the 34th annual International Piano Festival, presenting four prominent pianists from around the world. Undergraduate students, pre-college students and graduates will have the chance to attend recitals and master classes from the performers. Some will perform in the master classes with the performers and receive advice on their playing. Abbey Simon, the founder of the festival, has been a professor at the Moores School of Music for

Architecture graduate master's thesis gives life to space – The Cougar

Master of architecture graduate Cara Murray presented her master’s project, titled Blurred Line, between the Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture and the Fine Arts Building on Nov. 4. Unlike most thesis presentations, Murray’s lasted an entire week. She designed and constructed a structure strung with thousands of strings that filled a space between the two buildings. Murray received an undergraduate degree in art sculpture. The thesis developed from her interest in art installations and th

Modern, female-led Julius Caesar opening at Quintero Theatre

The School of Theatre and Dance will premiere a postmodern version of Shakespeare’s classic play, “Julius Caesar,” Friday at the Quintero Theatre. The politically-charged play is set in ancient Rome and deals with the reign of Julius Caesar and the Senate-led plots against him. “The energy of feeling like you’re a part of a political movement was something that I felt we could all kind of tap into,” the play’s director, Sara Becker, said. “An important facet of ‘Julius Caesar’ is that it exami