Kaylee Dusang

Writer & Journalist

About Kaylee Dusang

I am a writer and journalist based in Houston, Texas. I will graduate this December from the University of Houston with a journalism degree and a concentration in global & international studies. 

My interest in journalism grew early in college while attending school on the East Coast. I was originally studying history but considered taking a minor in an area of communications. I decided to take an entry-level journalism course where I wrote my first news article over a play. (I'm somewhat obsessed with the arts.) I found myself enjoying the interview process and overall being able to tell people's stories. After that I moved back to Houston, changed my major and have gained more experience in the field since. 

As of today, I am working as an intern for the Houston Chronicle, the largest daily newspaper in Houston. Previously, I worked as a reporter and editor for the student-led newspaper The Daily Cougar and as an editorial intern for Houstonia Magazine. I also received multimedia training at a national news network. My favorite stories to tell are profiles on people or those with an international or cultural flare. Even though I specialize in journalism, I am interested in many areas within the communications field. Any avenue that allows me to communicate past, current and future events is a passion of mine. My overall goal as a writer is to give a voice to the voiceless and deliver stories that impact the reader.